Auditing of Complaints

Completed complaints are audited by our expert team using our unique scoring
system. The audits highlight complaint issues and suggest actions.

The score indicates trends in performance, enables monitoring and provides learning points. These inform service improvements and share good practice.

Secure Online Tools

Our online tools provide access to a range of auditing, benchmarking and
reporting services. A simple to use online database allows our team, or your self-auditors, to evaluate, score and benchmark complaints.

Training and Support

Our training support can enable selfauditing of complaint files and regular
downloading of management reports and audit results.

We provide full training and ongoing support on the use of all our tools.

Document Collection

WellHandled allows the secure electronic upload of digital complaint files via our
online tools.

However, if your complaint files are not available in a suitable electronic format
we can arrange for the files to be securely collected, digitised and returned by the NHS approved contractor Iron Mountain.

Management Reports

Subscribers to our auditing services have access to a comprehensive range of management reports.

Management reports are clear and purposeful. They provide important, nationally required statstics which allow annonymous benchmarking between clients.